Speech Rehabilitation

Speech Rehabilition

Patients who have encountered brain injury or suffered a stroke may find changes in their thinking skills, language skills and ability to speak.  In such situation patient may not be able to lead a normal life and succeed at home, school, or work. If timely cognitive rehabilitation therapy is not provided to the patients, then long term effects can be shattering.


Patients who suffer from brain injury or stroke may face following difficulties:

  • Cognitive Skills
    • Lack of attention/concentrating
    • Quick Information processing
    • Learning and remembering new information
    • Organizing thoughts
    • Creative thinking
    • Decision making
    • Controlling impulses
    • Lack of awareness
    • Mental Exhaustion
  • Language Skills
    • Finding the right words when speaking
    • Concise and clear speaking
    • Focusing on the topic in conversation
    • Understanding what others are saying
    • Memory problems when reading
    • Writing problems
    • Observation problems during social interaction
    • Delayed facial impressions


At Citi Neuro Centre, our team of specialists (speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and neuropsychologists) have the right expertise to provide high quality speech and cognitive rehabilitation therapy to patients so that they can improve their cognitive, communication, physical and social skills and become more independent within the community.

We evaluate the specific needs of the patient and select a technique or a combination of techniques to serve the patient’s needs. We provide a holistic approach to rehabilitation by addressing cognitive, psychosocial and sensorimotor issues. In the end, it really matters that during the entire rehabilitation therapy a patient receives 100% support from family members, so that he can gain the confidence to resume leading an independent and normal life within the community.


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