Brain Tumor Surgery

Brain Tumor Surgery

The thought of undergoing brain surgery can be intimidating for patients with brain tumors. Knowing that it is being performed with the best of the technology, led by surgeons with specialized training, and interest in brain tumor treatment can be comforting to patients.

There are multiple reasons to consider surgery for a patient with a brain tumor. The first is to make a diagnosis of the tumor by obtaining tissue for pathology examination.  The second is to reduce the size of the tumor and decrease the pressure caused by it on the brain.  A subset of brain tumors can be cured with surgical resection alone.


Citi Neuro Centre offers the entire spectrum of surgical procedures including stereotactic and open biopsy, endoscopic tumor removal, open surgery via craniotomy, and radiosurgery with the CyberKnife®.  We try to match each patient with the best treatment option. All of our approaches are aimed at minimizing damage to important nerves and blood vessels, maximizing cosmetic outcomes and promoting rapid recovery

Citi Neuro Centre is equipped with the the latest technology for brain tumor treatment, such as the most advanced operating microscope and special micro-surgical instruments, neuroendoscopes, neuronavigation, stereotactic frame and Cyberknife. During surgery, our neurosurgeons use advanced localization with intra-operative neuronavigation guidance and advanced brain-mapping techniques to identify and avoid injury to sites of language, motor, and sensory function. These techniques permit the neurosurgeon to resect the tumor to the maximum extent possible while minimizing injury to the surrounding brain tissue


Neurosurgeons at CNC often use endoscopes to perform minimally invasive exams and surgical procedures. Since surgery can be performed without incision or a small incision, patients experience virtually no pain and often return home after a short hospital stay.

We also use radiation therapy and chemotherapy with or without surgery, to effectively treat tumors at the base of the brain

Post-operatively, patients recover in the surgical ICU which is staffed by dedicated, highly-trained neuro-intensivists. In this setting, caring for patients in the immediate post-operative period is done more safely and with greater patient comfort


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